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Dusti and Jenna met in 2011 while attending school for Massage Therapy and Energy Healing. The two quickly formed a deep bond that would continue to grow over the course of their education.  During their 1,000+ hr program through East West School of Integrative Healing Arts, their first shared dream was formed.

Upon graduation and state licensing in 2012, that dream came to fruition when Dusti and Jenna founded Soul Centric (providing Massage Therapy, Energy Healing & Yoga to the corridor area).

From the humble beginnings of renting and sharing a massage room from a local salon & spa, Dusti and Jenna took a leap and moved Soul Centric into it’s own studio space. After 5 years spent expanding and growing as practitioners and business owners, the two decided it was time for a Soul Centric style revival. In December 2018 Soul Centric’s studio underwent a transformative remodel and expansion.

Dusti and Jenna are grateful for the ways in which this revival has created new opportunities to further serve new and existing clients with a larger variety of quality services and products that support their wellness.

Through the years and seasons of change, Soul Centric’s foundation remains. A foundation built on dedication to:

  • holding a safe and positive space for growth and healing

  • empowering others to take an active role in their wellness

  • being truly present for support and guidance during the healing journey (body, mind & spirit). 

…let us help you become a centric soul…