• Western/Swedish- focus is more centralized on the physical body and tissue

  • Shiatsu- focuses on the Meridian System to utilize energy channels through out the body; pressure is applied to specific acupoints found along the Meridians                                 **the Meridian System used in Shiatsu is the same used for Acupuncture- the difference is the use of finger/thumb pressure over points instead of needle insertion.

  • Pregnancy- specifically for pregnant women utilizing a side-lying position with bolsters, cushions and pillows

  • Hot Stone- heated stones are placed on certain areas of the body and also used to aid in massage techniques; the heat helps soften and comfort sore tissues and areas of tensions

  • Cupping & Gua Sha- eastern techniques believed to break up adhesion, stagnant blood/fluid, and flush out toxins trapped in tissues.


  • Reiki- gentle/noninvasive energy healing system that utilizes the technique of "laying of hands" (resting hand positions) over different areas of the body;  Reiki is an intention based modality and is believed to help balance the Chakra centers leading to the release of mental/emotional and physical stress, pain & tension and heightened levels of wellness/balance.

  • Mind Clearing- gentle/noninvasive energy healing modality focussed around the head using light touch and the holding of specific points to help clear the mind. It generally evokes feelings of mental/emotional release and deep relaxation. Mind clearing is a great addition to any healing session.